Design For Paddington Crossrail Station Revealed

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 100 months ago
Design For Paddington Crossrail Station Revealed


This canalside cube is the proposal for Paddington's Crossrail station. Not as fun as the shark-inspired design at Canary Wharf, though perhaps better for it.

The station will sit atop what is currently Paddington's Hammersmith & City line concourse, which would be demolished to make way for the Crossrail behemoth; it's uncertain from these images whether trains on the "Hammercircle" line heading eastbound would still make a stop here, or if passengers trying to get to Paddington would be obliged to get off at Edgware Road and double-back on themselves.

In addition to serving Crossrail, the station provides access to mainline and Underground platforms. It has solar panels on the roof (should be enough to power the lights for a weekend in July), and boasts a nicely-scrubbed public square outside.

More pictures of the design over at Architects' Journal.

Last Updated 07 December 2009


How forward thinking - It's great to see the design for the Olympic Media centre being reused as a cost saving measure, or is that in fact the Leyton Asda? Hard to tell...

It's almost a monument to Brunel, and to the Edwardians: "Hey, we can't match you, nor a 100 year old copy of you, so we're not going to try - hear - have this shed instead."


I'm trying hard to conceive of ways they could make this scheme any more grey. Staffing the ticket hall with Simon Groom and Gary Go is all I can think of.


Ugh. Yet another silver box with a few struts and a glass sheet to go on top. Woop woop. I suppose 'space' and 'light' and 'an airy feel' were the buzzwords for this one. Yet again. James' comment highlights today's architects' inability to pay homage to those greats like Brunel and the like. The way it sounds in terms of logistics and getting from one place to the other within the station, it looks and sounds almost as bad as how Stratford Station already is. Big sigh.

John B

Slight pedantry: it is completely clear (both from the BD piece and from previously published plans) that H&C trains will continue to call at Paddington, with the new entrance serving both the H&C and Crossrail.


I thought as much. I wonder if they're going to bother making improvements to the sub-surface platforms? Probably not.


The BD website has been updated since I first published the story making the new layout much clearer (incidentally, the linked article twice referred to the 'Hammersmith & Fulham line' before they amended it).


Wonder if once it's all in place (poss 2015 by the latest) there will be easier access to/from the H&C (that's Hammersmith and Circle) line?

Can't wait until next week to see how much worse it gets to get up or down the single stair way onto the over bridge. Might not bother and take the Bakerloo/Central line and walk it (Paddington to Blackfriars = Paddington to St. Pauls + walk). Saves the hassle of Thameslinks lack of trains/drivers.