Westminster Apostrophe Fail

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Westminster Apostrophe Fail


Local pedants have launched a tirade of asterisks at Westminster Council for playing fast and loose with the borough's punctuation. According to the Evening Standard, six signs in Bayswater alone are incorrectly appellated. Some locations, such as Prince's Square, carry signs both with and without the quixotic apostrophe. In one case, Kensington Gardens Square, there's even a spelling error. The council will now replace the signs. As if the story wasn't scintillating enough, the Standard managed to get a quote from an organisation called the Apostrophe Protection Society. Also interesting to note is that it took two reporters to write a 140-word article. We guess you have to be doubly careful when writing about typographic errors, lest one shoot's oneself in ones foot. Image from catya_maria007 in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 13 November 2009