Londonist Loves: Sarah, London

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Londonist Loves: Sarah, London

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We have a crush; a haunting, inexplicable, impossible love. We shouldn't, we know it's wrong - we know that she's wrong, about everything - but none the less we are but flotsam to the tides of her words. We love you: Sarah, London.

For those that don't know, Sarah, London is a regular poster on the Evening Standard web pages. She inhabits a world of such simple certainty and conviction that we are left wishing that we too saw no grey areas; only the reassuring constants of black and white. Here are some of her highlights:

On the London Overground:

"This London Overground network has really been one of Boris's success stories this year. New air conditioned trains, refurbished stations, much improved service and now this new connection to Chelsea Harbour goes to show Boris is serious about creating an outer surburban network. Unlike the previous mayor who let Silverlink run this line into the ground whilst crime soared and did nothing, Boris listens to what Londoners want and acts upon it quickly and without the endless PR machine spinning that Ken was so fond of" - Sarah, London.

On Jubilee Line delays:

"This is an excellent move by Boris keeping pressure on these companies that are making a horrendous profit at the expense of everyday Londoners. Of course if Ken was still in charge he would have simply rolled over and let them take as long as they wanted, no doubt bailing them out with hard-earned taxpayers money if things went wrong" - Sarah, London

On East London's regeneration:

"Boris needs to be brave for once and scrap these Livingstone-vanity Games. We can leave the building site as it is in east london, it's not like dereliction and ugly high rises are out in the place in that side of town" - Sarah, London

On the riverless tube map:

"Absolutely fantastic news that Boris has saved another piece of our heritage that is the Tube map. Well done. Unlike the previous mayor Boris knows that tradition and history are important to Londoners and must be saved at all cost" - Sarah, London

On tall buildings:

"They may not obstruct views of Buckingham Palace but 87metres is still too tall. Buildings in London do not need to be more than two storeys high, an upstairs and a downstairs like it should be..." - Sarah, London

On Crossrail:

"Good to see Boris putting in the hard work getting this railway built, unlike Ken who said a lot about Crossrail but did nothing apart from raising taxes to pay for his vanity projects" - Sarah, London

On expenses abuse at City Hall:

"Good for Boris for owning up to this. Thankfully the problem has been rectified with the deputy mayor position being removed and I expect it won't happen again"- Sarah, London

On upgrading the tube:

"These upgrades started under Ken Livingstone are causing complete chaos and I hope Boris bans them immediately" - Sarah, London

On planting trees to save us from pollution:

"Boris is committed to helping air quality with his planting trees scheme which will help. If Ken Livingstone was such a good Mayor as so many believe why did he not do anything to resolve air pollution to a safe limit in the eight years he was in charge? Boris can't work wonders in the eighteen months he has had" - Sarah, London

On Air-conditioned tubes:

"I think it's fantastic Boris has listened to the people of London who have asked for years for air conditioned trains and he has delivered on this. Boris is about results, not constant failed promises of the Ken era" - Sarah, London

On pigeons in Trafalgar Square:

"The pigeons were a part of London's heritage, and a tourist attraction in their own right. Ken Livingstone destroyed another part of this city's character and history by getting rid of them and allowing yobs and drunks to congregate in the square by removing the road around it. Boris was elected because he promised a return to London of the past when it was beautiful and respectable so I hope he removes the hawk saving us money and returns the square to what it was before" - Sarah, London

On public transport:

"This is all Ken Livingstone's fault with his preposterous anti-car propaganda which has resulted in too many people using the Tube so now it is falling apart and dangerous to use. If people are unhappy having to pay more for public transport under Boris, work a bit harder so you can afford a car" - Sarah, London

To quote Sarah (out of context of course) "I blame the media for giving these idiots any time whatsoever!!". Indeed.

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