Parliament To Hold First Gay Wedding

Dean Nicholas
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Parliament To Hold First Gay Wedding

The Houses of Parliament will next year take a major step into the modern world by hosting its first ever gay wedding. Under Pugin's fixtures and fittings, Europe minister Chris Bryant and his fiancé Jared Cranney will have a civil partnership ceremony, marking another victory for gay rights and acceptability: it was only three years ago that Ben Bradshaw became the first sitting MP to enter into a civil partnership. The story of Bryant and Cranney is a true London romance. The pair met while Bryant was out campaigning for Ken Livingstone's mayoral bid last year, and from the ashes of that failed campaign, a happy couple was born. Speaker John Bercow has been working behind-the-scenes to make it happen, and the ceremony is expected to take place in the state dining room within Speaker's House; the 14th-century chapel normally used for Parliamentary weddings remains off-limits to civil partnerships, like every other religious venue in the country.

Last Updated 02 November 2009


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Elizabeth W

Well... there was a Londonist post recently complaining that no one comments to point out mistakes...

"Europe minister Chris Bryant and his fiancee" cannot (in this country) have a civil partnership... because his fiancee would be female. Surely you mean his fiance (or even his fiancé if you're feeling really enthusiastic).

Quite threw me, that, initially.