Hoxton Hotel Plan Upsets Local Boozers, Victorians

Dean Nicholas
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Hoxton Hotel Plan Upsets Local Boozers, Victorians


A new hotel planned for east London has united two disparate groups in opposition: the Victorian Society, and Hoxton hipsters.

The cylindrical, bronzed aluminium-covered behemoth, part of Park Plaza's idiotically-named "Art'otels" range but with a profile that should see it dubbed the Flip-Top Bin, is proposed for a site on the corner of Old Street and Great Eastern Road. For shame, say local alehounds, as the location is currently home to The Foundry. A group of concerned citizens have started a Save The Foundry campaign, calling for the bar to be re-homed.

The Victorian Society is also opposed to the hotel, albeit for different reasons. It argues that the 350-room, 18-storey structure is too tall for the area, and not in character with the South Shoreditch Conservation Area's "distinctive nineteenth-century industrial character". While those points are debatable — the junction is already surrounded by a modern hotel and a 70s tower block — their opposition to the design is justified: it's a ruddy ugly building, and would instantly replace the contraption atop Old Street roundabout as the local eyesore.

There's a full selection of planning application documents on Hackney council's website, and an area to leave a comment, including an option to support or object to the proposal.

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Why doesn't have any windows?

I had no idea, till looking at fancy a pint, that there was an attractive and modest mid century building hiding behind the hoarding. Maybe the C20 soc should get into the mix too?

Victorian society seem to be speaking nonsence though, the prevaling style of east old street is 'poorly build C20 stuff covered in vom', with the victorian buildings that are present largely london stock, not redbricks, and poorly maintained by their kebab shop tenants. (http://maps.google.de/maps?hl=.... The existing blocks to the north and west make the height argument pretty frail too.

Great Eastern Street has a lot to like, but this junction would be hard to make worse. It's impressive that the architects managed it on the first attempt.


Tosh to some of the comments being made about this application.The old maxim 'what is food for one man may be bitter poison to others' always applies, but the Art'otels aspect deserves closer appraisal. The environmental skin design is excitingly inspired by the old punch cards used in the local textile industry,and the internal art aspects are stunning, and to be seen in their other establishments, offering an important innovation to the area. I worry about the 'huge' aspect because the building would stand alone against the skyline, so wonder if 'lower' could be seriously considered.

London House Hound

ooooh just bulldoze the whole area pleeeaze... stop going on about shoreditch like it's some faffin Ming vase when in fact it's a tat-hole that desperately needs an injection of new architecture and ideas rather than hanging on to some grotty old knackers which no-one cares too hoots for
wooo -knock it down...knock it down