Hotel Guests Give London The Thumbs Down

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 104 months ago
Hotel Guests Give London The Thumbs Down

Information card from the Ecclestone Hotel, 1938, by Central Historian from the Londonist Flickr pool
Beware the perils of that most beloved of buzz phrases, user generated content! A holiday price comparison website did its own comparing - of reviews left across sites like Tripadvisor, and worked out the average rating of hotels for 50 top cities. It's bad news for London: we came plum last, with an average of 69.9% - beaten even by Birmingham, whose whole percentage-point-extra placed it second to last.

Dresden came top, but where would you rather spend a holiday? Really? And perhaps it's worth pondering whether the size of our capital - and the range of accommodation therein - managed to drag down our average. When Bruges and Salzburg hit the top five, beautiful though they are, we're perhaps not quite comparing like with like. And while seeing what people will complain about is always an amusing way to pass a bored hour on t'internet, always remembering that some people are just crackers (Google SideWiki take note), it's perhaps not very, um, scientific.

Perhaps disappointed London visitors might be heartened to hear the Conran Group (now known by the nerd-loving name D&D London) is planning to open a boutique hotel in Moorgate. The development - which will have a rooftop bar for lovers of London's skyline - is scheduled to open in 2012, everyone's favourite Olympic deadline.

Last Updated 11 November 2009


Hehehe poor London. Maybe because the service is by people who don't really care and just really want to get home and watch the Xfactor! Or maybe its because we have some of the most expensive hotels ever so you expect more service.

Either way.. solution: Do couch surfing!


How many budget travellers come to London? How many to Dresden? London has a plethora of *awful* hotels, because of the size of the mid-to-budget market and the fact that people expect to get a reasonable hotel for £60-£80, which really doesn't go very far London.

I can't see a way out of this for London though - costs are so high that hotels at the £60 - £80 price point really struggle to offer decent accommodation, especially if they're not a big chain and can't leverage their scale when buying / doing refurbs.


dresden? oh my!


What about all those smartened up Premier/Travel/Holiday Inns and lodges? Aren't they the budget choice these days and fairly consistently good? Of course, I've only stayed in them outside of London.


It's a Big City thang. Have you tried to get a hotel room in New York recently? £200 barely gets you a clean bed in a safe area ... and £60-80 would be unthinkable.

Budget visitors to London are best-advised to book a TraveLodgeInnExpress type property near a tube station, and experience London like the commuting populace. Holiday Inn Express right by Canning Town station isn't picturesque or close to boutiques and restaurants - but it's clean, decent and 20 minutes from anywhere you'd really need and many rooms have squints of the Dome and Canary Wharf.