Theatre Preview: Bardathon @ The Scoop

By Zoe Craig Last edited 111 months ago
Theatre Preview: Bardathon @ The Scoop

Scoop.jpg Ever got to the end of a Shakespeare play and cried out for "More!" Well, tomorrow you can watch as many bits of the Bard as you wish over a 24-hour Bardathon at The Scoop in More London.

In numbers: 24 hours of Shakespeare; 15 popular plays and sonnets; 40 performers in 5 teams; 12 hours to rehearse 3 plays each. As there's no set and only a few props and costumes, these crazies actors are relying on the magic of Will's words to get them through. Comedy duo Teak Show are hosting the Bardathon, encouraging audience participation (turn up and read a sonnet, or take part as a Standard Bearer...) Or you can just rock up anytime, and watch a snippet if the mood takes you: its all free.

And it's all in a good cause: the actors are sponsored, and any money raised by the event goes towards a new production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and a new play exploring the plight of black Germans during Hitler's rise to power.

The Bardathon: from noon on 30 October to noon on 31 October, The Scoop at More London, Free!

Last Updated 29 October 2009