Preview: Johnny Depp Wielding An Axe In Shoreditch?

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Preview: Johnny Depp Wielding An Axe In Shoreditch?

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Rumour has it that Johnny Depp will be in East London this November, guest starring with one of his favourite British bands. Babybird, known mostly for their 1996 hit "You're Gorgeous", are playing a one off gig at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen with Johnny supposedly bringing along his axe to partake in some fretnastics. His appearance is due to the promotion of the bands forthcoming album "Ex-maniac" which features Mr Depp. Reputedly as mean a guitarist as actor he has played guest slots with Oasis and Shane McGowan and composed soundtracks for the films "Chocolat" and "Once Upon A Time In Mexico". We'll be keeping a very close eye on developments. Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, November 12... maybe.

Last Updated 22 October 2009