News At Ten Banishes Big Ben

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 111 months ago
News At Ten Banishes Big Ben

Image by adav
In an attempt to make the show seem less London obsessed, ITV is to unveil a new opening title sequence for the News At Ten, which dispenses with the face of the Clock Tower at Westminster, commonly known as Big Ben.

ITV executives fear that the presence of the tower irks viewers beyond the M25, and as part of the show's multi-million pound rebrand, which includes a purpose-built new set, they've taken a televisual wrecking ball to Pugin's priapic pride and joy. The opening sequence will, however, retain the sampled "bongs" of Big Ben to introduce the night's main news stories. The changes come into effect on November 2nd.

The relegation of the Tower, coupled with the recent departure (for a second time) of Sir Trevor McDonald, means that News at Ten will be deprived of the two institutions it's arguably best known for. Whether the flash new set and a less London-centric intro will be enough to tempt newshounds away from Sky and BBC to the commercial giant's frothy and occasionaly lightweight review of the day's events is another matter.

Last Updated 23 October 2009