New TfL Map Blunder Muddles Museums

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New TfL Map Blunder Muddles Museums


A gold star to the Telegraph for spotting the schoolboy errors in Transport for London's new cycle-hire map. As you can see, the labels for the Natural History Museum and V&A have been transposed, Exhibition Road has vanished and the Royal Albert Hall and Memorial appear to be creeping off towards Knightsbridge on some kind of hyper-incestuous date. The map - aimed at cyclists using the forthcoming bike hire scheme - was quickly withdrawn from the TfL's site after the Telegraph highlighted the errors. The clumsy cartography follows on from the vanishing river hoo-ha of a few weeks ago, when The Mayor reversed TfL's decision to excise the Thames from transport maps.

Still, TfL have a long way to go before they can equal the geographic cluelessness of Waddingtons, whose board game 'Tour of London' contains this baffling render of St James Palace.

Last Updated 09 October 2009


The Telegraph has made a lot of this story, but the map is only to show the area that the scheme covers. No-one in their senses would try to use it for finding their way by bike, because most roads are not shown - and could not usefully be shown in a map on this scale. OK it was a careless mistake but it has absolutely no impact on the purpose of the map, as the mistake is well inside the scheme boundary.