More Guns On The Streets Courtesy Of The Met

By Lindsey Last edited 111 months ago
More Guns On The Streets Courtesy Of The Met

Unscary armed police via jo'nas' Flickrstream under a CC licence
Gang warfare and gun crime are getting so bad in parts of south London and patches of Turkish north London the Met are ramping up the presence of armed police. In June, a team of 21 CO19 officers began patrolling estates in the areas. That number will double next month.

The Times reports that the firearms units are there to "reassure the community" as well as sweeping estates for gun hauls. How reassured the presence of officers with guns would make us feel is debatable although it probably depends how unsafe all that gun and gang crime had already made us feel. Not happy thoughts but the visible presence of armed officers on troubled estates certainly reinforces the Met's publicity campaign warning women against hiding guns for their guys. Hopefully as a complement to Operation Trident this measure will reduce shootings on our streets.

Last Updated 23 October 2009