Londonist Stays In: 12-18 October

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Londonist Stays In: 12-18 October


Bringing you the most Londony shows on TV and radio over the coming week.


Inside Out (BBC1, 19.30-20.00) If you can bear him, Matthew Wright visits formerly derelict sites on London housing estates being turned into green havens.

Saving Britain's Past (BBC2, 19.30-20.00) Chronicling the history, and possible future, of Brick Lane.

The Enemy Within (C4, 20.00-21.00) Joe Bullman draws parallels between the War On Terror and a now-obscure anarchist insurgency in London, 1892.


The Marchioness: A Survivor's Story (BBC1, 22.35-23.35) The man who organised the ill-fated boat party in which 51 people died talks to fellow survivors 20 years on.

Afternoon Play: Dickens Confidential (Radio 4, 14.15-15.00) Crime drama told through the eyes of newspaper editor Charles Dickens, this week featuring a cameo by one Benjamin Disraeli.


Megastructures: Built From Disaster (FIVE, 20.00-21.00) When towers go bad, including the collapse of Ronan Point in London, 1968.

Vice Squad (FIVE, 21.00-222.00) On the streets of Soho with the Met's vice inspectors.

The Red Lion (C4, 21.00-22.00) A look at why pubs (including the UK's 600 Red Lions) are central to British culture. Can't be sure this will feature any of the Red Lions in London, but given the charm of the pair in St James, it'd be surprising if they don't make an appearance.


Building of the Year: The RIBA-Stirling Prize 2009 Live (C4, 20.00-21.00) This year's annual architecture prize includes three London buildings on the shortlist: Maggie's Centre, 5 Aldermanbury Square and Kentish Town Health Centre.

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