Heart Warming Olympics Stories Just For You

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 111 months ago
Heart Warming Olympics Stories Just For You

Bobsleigh track by jon hanson under a Creative Commons licence
This is what you need on a Monday: a lovely, inspiring good news story. And because we aim to please, here's not one but two on an Olympic theme for your cockle-warming needs. Dan Biddle was at Liverpool Street on 7 July 2005 - the day after London won the 2012 Games, as if you need reminding - and lost both legs, his left eye, his spleen, 87 pints of blood and spent eight weeks in a coma after being blown out of the train.

Now, he's discovered a natural aptitude for archery and is aiming to compete as a Paralympian in his 'local' games. He's only been training properly since April but is being tipped to make the team in London or Rio. "When I met him, one of the things that came through was his determination," said Helen George, a talent ID assessor for Archery GB. Reading his interview in the Telegraph, about his happy new family and astonishing rehabilitation, we can only agree in awe.

There's also a brilliant story about Islington's Vicky Olaoye, who was an assistant in an Oxford Street sports shop until recently, but now has the bobsleigh team in her sights. Discovered under the Girls4Gold scheme, she initially tried out for track cycling but the bob skeleton coaches saw something in her instead. The UK doesn't have an ice run so she trains at a concrete track at Bath University and has to go to Lillehammer for some actual snow. She's hoping to compete in Vancouver in 2010 and her coach reckons she's a medal contender for 2014. Hooray!

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