The End (of unemployment) Is Nigh

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 104 months ago
The End (of unemployment) Is Nigh

2309_board.jpg History graduate David Rowe has struck on an unorthodox approach to snag himself a job: he's taken to donning a sandwich board over his pinstripe whistle and stalking along the length of Fleet Street, advertising his skills and experience with a tempting money-back guarantee: he'll work free for a month, at which point the employer can give him the 'Surullan treatment' or hire him. Rowe might be onto a winner here: another unemployed grad who advertised his services while on the Trafalgar Square plinth has since found a job. (Image / Herschell Hershey)

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And he apparently managed to get an interview and job offer because of this. I guess my job hunting skills as another history grad just aren't extreme enough.