TfL Remove Zones And Thames From New-Look Tube Map

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TfL Remove Zones And Thames From New-Look Tube Map


An updated, less cluttered version of the London Underground map has been released. And, for the first time in nearly 70 years, it lacks a river. Perhaps even more surprising is that zone boundaries are no longer shown. If this map becomes the standard visualisation across all stations, how will people using zoned travel cards know whether they are legally ticketed for their destination? Can they really be expected to pay fines for crossing non-advertised zone boundaries? We predict a few legal challenges from disgruntled passengers unless some alternative signage is planned. We've asked TfL to clarify this aspect, and will let you know the response. The map also includes many other changes, as chronicled in detail by Diamond Geezer. His indefatigable crusade against over-cluttering seems to have been heeded, although he carefully remains neutral on most of the present alterations. Image by Richard Parmiter.

Last Updated 14 September 2009


Removing the zones is a huge step back in usefulness of the map.

If I'm going somewhere that is 5 minutes from one station, and 10 minutes from another, but in a different zone, I would normally use the one that is 10 minutes away if the different zone means I'll save money.

Now people can't make that decision without having to go to more detailed research.

Can't help but wonder if it's a crafty money-making ploy?


Bad idea, I really can't see how the addition of the river and zones makes it look "cluttered", the Underground Map featuring those elements is possibly one of the most easy to read transportation network maps around.

I foresee TfL backing down on this from public pressure.


Removing the river seems a ridiculous idea. Surely the Thames needs promoting as a tourist destination in its own right. Now the tourists won't know where to find it! The removal of the zones will also be confusing for tourists let alone Londoners. Think I might have to write to TfL.


People could stumble into the river at night or if wearing a low brimmed hat now it's not on the tube map! What are they thinking!

I still can't find any of London's parks since they were removed in 1914...


I really don't agree with the removal of the zones, if they expect us to pay per zone, how are we expected to know which zone to buy. I really think they are just bringing a new measure to take advantage of TFL underground users. I am extremely disappointed.
I'd love to know how to go about making a massive complain, not just my own??