RIBA President Launches New Attack On Prince Charles

Dean Nicholas
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RIBA President Launches New Attack On Prince Charles

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The gloves are off in the punch-up between the Prince and the architectural establishment. New RIBA president Ruth Reed, who took up the position on Tuesday, got her tenure off to an aggressive start by attacking Charles this morning on Radio 4 for his "behind-the-scenes" meddling over planning permissions and approved architects for his favoured sites, and describing his behaviour as an "abuse of his position". The Prince is building up quite the catalogue of interventions: his scuppering of Chelsea Barracks is the most notorious, though his unsuccessful scheming over One New Change and a new entranceway to Kensington Palace have recently come to light. The d├ętente between the Prince and RIBA, summed up by his speech at the Institute in May, was all too brief, but even opponents of the Royal touch must admit that, by keeping aloof and (in public at least) silent, he's coming off much the better in these minor skirmishes.

Last Updated 02 September 2009


Admit? Couldn't disagree more. He's being show up for the backroom working manipulative intervensionist he is. RIBA, and the architects involved, at defend their postions with passion and conviction.

His mother should teach him some lessons in suitable behaviour.


Those achitects have no appeciation for some of the classically styled areas they're building in, their only care is to create a "signature" piece, often ugly and seeming to display a general lack of use of a ruler, so that they can have their claim to fame for making something "edgy".

Saint Pauls already has enough modernly-styled buildings around it, it's about time some rules were laid about what styles can be employed in certain areas of Central London.

Good on Prince Charles.