Prince Charles RIBA Speech Warmly Received

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 118 months ago
Prince Charles RIBA Speech Warmly Received

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The heir's keynote address last night, which had provoked rancour among the black turtleneck-wearing crowd and led some to organise a boycott, was smooth, unruffled, and as free from rough edges and unpleasant angles as he wishes architecture to be. He spoke of a "gulf" between "those obsessed with forms" and the communities that inhabit their work, and made an analogy between what he termed the "experiment" of modern architecture and unfettered capitalism, expressing a desire that, much as the financial world is now harking back to the rules and lessons of the past, those in charge of our built environment might do the same thing and embrace tradition. However, nary a mention was made of the project that sparked the recent bun-fight: have the Prince and his nemeses behind their AutoCAD monitors reached a detente?

Last Updated 13 May 2009