Art On Kingsway: "Square The Block"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 113 months ago
Art On Kingsway: "Square The Block"

Though looking like it could be a Touch Up London entry, "Square The Block", a recently completed artwork hanging off the side of LSE's New Academic Building on Kingsway, is the real deal.

The work of Richard Wilson, a sculptor with a track record in buggering around with the harmonious exteriors of buildings — he was last seen pivoting a circular section of a condemned building during the Liverpool Biennale — Square the Block looks like the result of a highly localised earthquake that has crushed a portion of the smooth facade into rubble.

Wilson says he finds "something beautiful" in destruction, and walking around and below the piece, the abstract beauty, in this otherwise buttoned-up street, is apparent, alongside a sense of unease; passers-by, on noticing it, tend to avoid walking underneath, as if uncertain whether the crushing motion which rendered this mess has quite finished.

Read more about the project on the LSE website.

Last Updated 22 September 2009