In Pictures: Imperial Wharf Station Opens

Dean Nicholas
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In Pictures: Imperial Wharf Station Opens
Ski jump practice area for future Winter Olympics bid
Ski jump practice area for future Winter Olympics bid

A day ahead of Tuesday's official opening (at which, if past form is any guide, Boris will don a hard-hat and suggest he built the whole thing himself), we journeyed down to Chelsea Harbour and visited Imperial Wharf station, the latest addition to the London Overground network.

The construction of Imperial Wharf, which also serves Southern trains between Milton Keynes and East Croydon (be nice now), avoided the comical cock-up that afflicted fellow newcomer Shepherd's Bush. In fact, the station, which is named for a nearby development of luxury flats you'll never be able to afford, appears to have opened ahead of schedule — Tube maps around town still note that the opening is in 'late 2009', while September surely remains a mid-year month, particularly given our ongoing Indian summer.

So good on them for early completion. Less plaudits for the colour scheme used on the station's curved roof, though — the funky London air will dirty that up soon enough.

Last Updated 28 September 2009

diamond geezer

Imperial Wharf was originally scheduled to be opened in "summer 2005". Last year the deadline was "early 2010". So "late 2009" is actually both premature and hideously late.


That was when the station was still known as Chelsea Harbour. TfL can probably just airbrush that out of history and concentrate on the positives.


Pics look glorious - hyper real


Yeah - I really quite like this design. Simple, but striking. The colour looks like weathered copper panneling.


I went down to have a look at this on Sunday.

The way the ticket machines and ticket desk are accommodated in an existing arch is really neat.

But the train I was on had wonky doors. This was pre-announced "there will be a pause before the doors open at the next station", and after the pause a light came on - "door out of order". Then there was another pause, and finally the doors opened. I wonder if this was a problem with my train (Southern), the new station, or what?