How To Attract The Attentions Of MI6

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How To Attract The Attentions Of MI6

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We have an unwritten rule here at Londonist that we never, ever jump on the viral marketing bandwagon. But this video, for Red Bull Cola, is just too delicious to resist. Cheers to whoever left the anonymous tip-off in our contribute section.

Last Updated 09 September 2009


That's pretty impressive. What was the tool they were using there with the projector to write out the text?


I am an Agent of the Graffiti Research Lab who developed this piece of technology. We disapprove of any commercial use of our system - we support writers, protesters, activists, the general public's right to free speech, not multi-million dollar companies that already plaster our streets with their garbage.

So much for the marketing part of it. Also, it's a fake video. A house with this many windows neither takes lasers nor takes projections as well as the one in the building.

The G.R.L. would be thankful for any pointer to what marketing company worked on this stunt. them at graffitiresearchlab dot at

Thank you.