Chas And Dave Split Up

Dean Nicholas
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Chas And Dave Split Up

It's the news the music world thought it'd never hear: Chas 'n Dave have split up, after more than thirty years of a chart-troubling, geezer-pleasing, boogie-woogie proper rockney romance. The pair decided to hang up their fuzzy sideboards after Dave (David Peacock) announced his retirement from showbusiness, following the death of his wife. Together no more, yet every time Spurs take to the turf at White Hart Lane, a little piece of Chas 'n Dave will live on, even if the sentiment of their lyrics has yet to manifest. All together now: "Glory, glory Tottenham Hotspur..."

Last Updated 22 September 2009


University entz committees countrywide have a big hole to fill in their summer ball programme. I will never forget pogoing to 'snooker loopy' shitfaced on crap lager all those years ago. Farewell, C&D.


Just listening to "I Got The .." by Labi Siffre on which C&D were session musicians ... recognise any part of it?

Anyway .. I've been learning the lyrics of C&D recently in the hope of going to see them again. The last time was at the Great British Beer Festival where the only words I knew were "Rabbit" & "Rabbit". I felt ashamed around the so many fans who knew more words than me. Well, not that ashamed, the beer helped there.

It's a great, but understandable, shame. One last big blow out at the O2 would be a fitting finale ...

I'd be there ...