Wheely Good

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Wheely Good

contortionistbike.jpg Fold-up bikes are a very good thing and a blessing to commuting cyclists but even the trusty Brompton is a tad unwieldy digging into people's thighs on the train and looking a little like a baby Transformer in mid-transform. So thank heavens for young design talent because Dominic Hargreaves - yes, the one who wants to park up your wall - has designed a fold-up bike so nifty, the entire frame fits inside the diameter of the wheel and can be pulled along by the handlebar - a whole new twist for the concept of the wheely. "The Contortionist" bike is in the running for the Dyson Award for student designers and it's certainly sleek, clever and efficient (watch a demo here) but we can't help liking the funky Locust better, even though it doesn't exist in the real world yet.

Last Updated 04 August 2009


Nice idea, but even the inventor of the bike seems to struggle a bit with folding and unfolding it. A practiced Brompton rider can sling the bike into its folded position in a few seconds. If you're really using this to hop and and off Tubes, busses, and trains, the Contortionist may get irritating quickly!


Now that is very clever. No one likes to use bikes for commuting long distances involving trains but this takes some of the stress. Great idea.
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