Out Of Reach Of Bike Thieves

By Lindsey Last edited 111 months ago
Out Of Reach Of Bike Thieves

Most cyclists are resigned to the fact that they will get their bike nicked or saddle sawn off at some point. It's an accepted hazard of London life and one of those risks you weigh against not having to spend £100 a month on a travelcard. However, what if the bike thieves couldn't reach your bike? Dominic Hargreaves' design concept for the "out of reach, out of harm" bike lock 8 feet up, foils the street level opportunist criminal. A pair of bolt cutters won't get them far unless they've also got a step ladder and no concern for their personal safety. The best ideas are often the simplest and Dominic scooped an award in the iQ Design Challenge at the Royal College of Art for his. Whilst there are questions about whether you could have mass bike parks adorning the walls of tube stations, supermarkets and the like, we're quite taken with the possibility of transforming residential streets with legions of cycles aloft. (Image / Herschell Hershey)

Last Updated 26 January 2009


brilliant, just would like to know how much it'd cost to put sth like this on a building...