Serco Appointed To Operate London Cycle Hire Scheme

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Serco Appointed To Operate London Cycle Hire Scheme


What's set to be Boris Johnson's most visible act as Mayor came a step closer today. Transport for London have appointed Serco to run the capital's cycle hire scheme, due to be introduced in summer next year. Serco are one of those companies who 'design innovative solutions' to help run public services. You might, for example, have admired their organisational skills while riding the Docklands Light Railway. They're also the masterbrains behind the flawless running of the Woolwich ferry and London's traffic signals. This new challenge will see them administer 6,000 hire bicycles at 40 docking stations across central London. The contract will last six years. Dave Hill's been keeping a close eye on this one, and gives us the full fat on today's news.

Last Updated 12 August 2009


And the planning applications are coming along too.

Click here to see the Old Street plan in detail.


No mention of the Serco prisons, prison vans and electronic tags for offenders? I'm sure they can re-use their electronic tagging stuff for the bicycles...


They're going to be installing docking stations directly outside my flat.

I *think* this is a good thing. Hopefully.


Much as I love the DLR, Serco is becoming a sort of Omni-comsumer-products for London. They don't make Robot policemen do they?