One Eye Grey: New Issue, Tallest Tales Yet

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One Eye Grey: New Issue, Tallest Tales Yet


Listening to the Robert Elms podcast the other day, we were delighted to hear the enthusiastic tones of Chris Roberts. Chris is Editor-in-Grief of One Eye Grey, an occasional compendium of London-based folk tales reinterpreted for the modern age. We give him plenty of free plugs on Londonist because he's one of those people who knows London intimately and talks with great knowledge and passion to anyone who will listen. He also puts on free guided walks for Londonist from time to time, and we owe him the odd mention.

So if you haven't already, seek out the new issue. It's available in many of the larger bookshops and independents, or can be purchased over the web. This issue should be easy to spot. It's double the usual size - not in thickness but in height. Appropriate for a collection of tall stories. When you buy in to One Eye Grey you get so much more than a neat collection of spooky tales. How many magazines have their own (genuinely impressive) theme tune? Or plot all of their story locations onto a Google Map? You can see why we like it so much.

Last Updated 27 August 2009