The Most Expensive Sandwich In London?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 115 months ago
The Most Expensive Sandwich In London?

Subway Sub costs 349 pounds
A bargain at twice the price!

A Subway restaurant just off Oxford Street is taking advantage of the wanton money-shedding ways common to the area by offering a sandwich that costs £349, according to an ad displayed in their window.

The six inch sub, which is shown with a side helping of Walkers crisps and a paper cup of diet Coke, is being pimped as a "value meal" for students. Maybe Princess Beatrice visits when she decamps from her posh digs.

Perhaps the sarnie is caked in a sauce made from flambeed flakes of gold bullion, served with cutlery that once graced the banqueting hall of John D. Rockefeller, and followed up by free refills of cat-shit coffee served in an ebony china set dating from the Imperial Palace of the Tang dynasty. Or perhaps the hassled and harried Subway staff simply forgot a punctuation mark and could deal with less snarky comments and ironic posturing, thankyverymuch. Decide for yourself: the store in question is located just off Hanover Square. Look out for it in an upcoming Sandwichist (maybe).

Last Updated 04 July 2009