New Bridge For Stratford Goes Up

By Hazel Last edited 115 months ago
New Bridge For Stratford Goes Up

Image by Matt From London
We were geeky-keen to see the 'lift-and-drop' of the East London line bow-string bridge in Shoreditch, we're a little sceptical about the a newly identified need for bridges in the East and there were sheep all over London Bridge. Bridges are quite a preoccupation at the moment, and so we bring you news of a new, massive 420ft bridge in Stratford.

The footbridge will serve shoppers heading in and out of the Westfield shopping centre (under construction), connecting it to the current shopping centre, and it will be one of the main routes for pedestrians in and out of the Olympic park. Weighing a huge 1,600 tonnes, the bridge was built in three parts then lifted into place over 11 live railway tracks; all work was completed without disrupting any of the transport lines running through Stratford. And it was on time, within budget and as anyone who has tried to navigate around Stratford on foot will agree, it's a very welcome addition to the area, which can seem little more than lanes of traffic zooming around a shopping centre marooned in the middle of a roundabout. It will be open for use in 2011.

Last Updated 13 July 2009