Muswell Hillian Found

By Lindsey Last edited 107 months ago
Muswell Hillian Found

Good news to wake up to! So often missing person stories miss a happy ending but Muswell Hillian Jamie Neale was found alive and surprisingly well in hills way more brutal than that of his hometown. 19 year old Jamie had been lost in Australia's Blue Mountains for 11 days, surviving eating leaves and seeds, his own capacity for bearing the cold serving him admirably. He's in hospital to recover from dehydration, exposure and the inevitable depression of 11 days dealing with his own anticipated demise but by all accounts is doing well, his father at his side. Mum's at home on the hill - let's hope the 99p store has a big stock of bunting for the homecoming. (Image / GothPhil's Flickrstream under a CC licence)

Last Updated 15 July 2009


I think the father's reaction is priceless:
He said he was very pleased to see his son, but also expressed anger at his actions.
"I can't say I'll kill him, it would spoil the point of him coming back. [But] I'm going to kick his arse."


Yeah - also, despite saying in the papers he never lost hope, he then admitted on telly that, in fact, he had given up, pretty much. Honest man.


I like GOOD news.
More please.
Londonist should have one day a week entirely devoted to good news.