Monday Miscellanea

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Monday Miscellanea


Last week on Londonist, in numbers:

Age of world's oldest man who was a born Londoner: 113


Cost to taxpayers if tube stations keep lights on during the day when they're not needed: £40,000.00


Ducklings lost on Petticoat Lane: 3


Number of words used in article reporting the lost ducklings: 130


Bendy bus route to be replaced with a new single deck bus: 507


Apartments intended but unlikely to be built in Aldwych luxury development: 79

= 11,161 which is the Tate Modern roof showing a lovely shade of blue during a Long Weekend in 2007 in the Londonist Flickr pool, by i.max

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday - 27th July 1694: Having been established to manage the nation’s finances (via a loan of £1.2 million to the government), the Bank of England is granted the Royal Charter.
  • Tuesday - 28th July 1540: Thomas Cromwell is executed for treason at the Tower of London, at the behest of Henry VIII. Wednesday - 29th July 1981: Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral. Thursday - 30th July 1966: England defeat West Germany in the FIFA World Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, claiming the Jules Rimet Trophy (and, of course, the status of Football World Champions for the next four years). Friday - 31st July 1962: Violence erupts at a rally of the Union Movement (formerly known as the British Union of Fascists) in Dalston, East London. Sir Oswald Mosely, leader of the movement, is knocked to the ground and forced to abandon the rally.

    London Quote Of The Week

    As I came down the Highgate Hill,

    The Highgate Hill, the Highgate Hill,

    As I came down the Highgate Hill

    I met the sun's bravado,

    And saw below me, fold on fold,

    Grey to pearl and pearl to gold,

    This London like a land of old,

    The land of Eldorado.

    Henry Howarth Bashford, Romances

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