'Massive Tribute' Show For Michael Jackson At O2

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'Massive Tribute' Show For Michael Jackson At O2


A huge memorial concert at the former Dome is looking more likely after AEG boss Randy Phillips talked openly about plans for the show. The tribute would take place on the late star's birthday, August 29, and feature a platoon of Jackson siblings. "The number one item I'm discussing is presenting This Is It the production, hopefully with the Jacksons and maybe Janet, and other artists," said Phillips yesterday on BBC6 Music (although Sky fail to mention the source and act like they got the exclusive). The show has been rumoured almost since the moonwalker's demise, but this is the most positive sign yet that it might go ahead. The concert would be a "massive tribute...broadcast around the globe," suggested Phillips. Fans, who recently gathered en masse outside the O2, will be wondering whether they'll be able to swap over their original Jackson ticket. Uninterested pedants will merely ponder whether a tribute can be said to have 'mass'. Image by M@.

Last Updated 15 July 2009