London Swine Flu Update: Transport And Internet Problems Predicted

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London Swine Flu Update: Transport And Internet Problems Predicted

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Two more deaths, seemingly from swine flu in otherwise healthy people, have been reported in the London area. Six-year-old Chloe Buckley from West London died just a day after complaining of flu-like symptoms. Meanwhile, Michael Day, a 64-year-old GP from Bedfordshire has also succumbed to the H1N1 strain. Autopsy confirmation is awaited before the deaths can be reliably attributed to the virus.

It is now predicted that 40% of the population will contract the illness, with 100,000 a day by the end of the month. Although the virus remains no more fatal than your common-or-garden flu, it will have effects on the economy and business continuity. Health officials and business executives believe that an epidemic would put severe pressure on London's transport and communication infrastructure. With large proportions of TfL's staff off sick, commuters could expect a reduced service (although, argues TfL, there would be fewer commuters to carry). Businesses would be advised to let their staff take up to two weeks away from work without a doctor's note. But the strain on broadband systems from so many homeworkers has never been tested, and BT will not give assurances that the network would cope with a massively increased demand. Londonist has contingency plans in place, which include recruiting Brian Pigeon and pals to bring you the news by carrier pigeon.

Last Updated 14 July 2009