Liam Gallagher Storms Off Stage

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 106 months ago
Liam Gallagher Storms Off Stage

The normally placid and mild-mannered Oasis frontman stormed off stage last night during a gig at Camden's Roundhouse, after pints of beer were lobbed by members of the audience in his general direction. One report had Liam fingering students "in pointy shoes" as the culprits. In a move that has literally nothing to do with rock and/or roll, these winklepicking wreckers apparently "soaked the stage" in beer, causing a strop of epic proportions from the 38-year old frontman. To be honest, the way some students act, we can can sorta sympathise. Liam was eventually coaxed back to the stage an hour later, after brother Noel, whom you suspect only ever cultivated his meagre singing talents to compensate for his sibling's frequent absences, filled in for him. Only weeks ago Liam got shirty with fans who had the temerity to clap along during a Coventry gig; perhaps on-stage intolerance is the band's way of staying relevant in the cut-throat music world of today — certainly nothing they've recorded since 1996 has been.

Last Updated 22 July 2009


"the way some students act" --- hang on, which ones and what do they do? In my experience, students don't waste beer lobbing it at bands.