Hornby To Produce 2012 Olympics Toys

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Hornby To Produce 2012 Olympics Toys

knitted Boris Johnson
Here's a toy Boris we knitted earlier.

Hornby, creator of nerds' playthings (and we mean that in a fond way), are to market a series of action figures and toy vehicles themed around the 2012 Olympics. The first products will be available later this year and include: "model London taxis and London buses, die-cast figurines, model trains, Airfix models of the Olympic Stadium and Scalextric velodrome sets".

What no media centre?

The prospect of Olympic action figurines offers all manner of exciting possibility. Could we have a fully poseable Boris, with City Hall playset? Or a giant flammable version of the 2012 logo? And we're looking forward to using the velodrome to mash-up some kind of race between a plastic Chris Hoy and Princess Leia in speeder-bike outfit.

So let's get creative and use the comments to tell Hornby which action figures or model venues we'd really like to see...

Last Updated 21 July 2009