Honey Monster To Visit Watford

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 116 months ago
Honey Monster To Visit Watford

Image / Peter Darch
In the pantheon of breakfast cereal critters, the Honey Monster always held a cherished place in our childhood hearts. Cockier than Coco Monkey, tougher than Tony The Tiger, and quite frankly a creature whose single-minded savagery was more captivating to the impressionable young mind than the effete jousting of Messrs Snap, Crackle, and Pop — and all this despite the cereal he fronted, Sugar Puffs, behind nigh on inedible. Fast forward a couple decades, and it seems that far from settling into a relaxing retirement, the Honey Monster is still out there working his finger to the bone: he's appearing this weekend at Harlequin shopping centre in Watford, quite literally pimping a new cereal that goes by the name Honey Waffles. Can't his employers just let him grow old gracefully?

Last Updated 10 July 2009