Honey Monster To Visit Watford

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 108 months ago
Honey Monster To Visit Watford

Image / Peter Darch
In the pantheon of breakfast cereal critters, the Honey Monster always held a cherished place in our childhood hearts. Cockier than Coco Monkey, tougher than Tony The Tiger, and quite frankly a creature whose single-minded savagery was more captivating to the impressionable young mind than the effete jousting of Messrs Snap, Crackle, and Pop — and all this despite the cereal he fronted, Sugar Puffs, behind nigh on inedible. Fast forward a couple decades, and it seems that far from settling into a relaxing retirement, the Honey Monster is still out there working his finger to the bone: he's appearing this weekend at Harlequin shopping centre in Watford, quite literally pimping a new cereal that goes by the name Honey Waffles. Can't his employers just let him grow old gracefully?

Last Updated 10 July 2009


Is he still hanging around with that 'Uggy' monster? She was right rough. Think he could have done better, personally.


Maybe his mummy came to the rescue, offered him his honey.


Don't rush there quite yet - the Honey Monster will be appearing next weekend (18th / 19th), not this one.