Government, Its Life In A Mess, Takes The National Express

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Government, Its Life In A Mess, Takes The National Express


And everybody sings ba ba ba da... Yup, our representatives in Westminster will take control of the East Coast Mainline route after the current operator defaulted on its franchise terms. National Express is deep in debt and has lost £20 million on the route in the first half of this year alone. Ministers have refused to renegotiate the terms of the contract, and will place the route under their own financially astute auspices in the next few months. The service, which operates out of Kings Cross, will continue under state management until late next year, when the route will be put up for tender. Whoever runs the show, we hope they maintain the free wifi service throughout the trains. We really enjoy battling with the unpredictable signal strength that hovers just below the threshold of usefulness. Image by rlopezbcn - MrCarax.

Last Updated 01 July 2009

Rob Lugg

Great news, no what about the rest of the rail network?

Plus, anything that leaves that homophobe Brian Souter out of pocket is fine by me


Great news, really? Yet another franchise failing and being dragged back into the taxpayer's realm? Not sure I agree it's good news.

What's annoying is that the East Coast mainline is actually profitable. National Express have come a cropper because they overbid ridiculously for the franchise (encouraged by the greedy gov of course) and projected passenger rises have failed to materialise in the credit crunch, leaving them with overblown payments they're not inclined to make. Now we'll have it back on the Government books for a year or so, before it's tendered to another group for a much lower sum.

It'd be quite fun for them to trot out the old British Rail livery once the Government gets its hands on the rolling stock, mind.