Camden's Answer To The Fourth Plinth

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Camden's Answer To The Fourth Plinth

Is a bench. In a disused shop. On Chalk Farm Road. Local residents Russell Loughlan, Charlotte Haigh and Stephen Emms will install a common-or-garden (or park) bench, plus bonus rubbish bin, inside a new gallery space from 3 August. Anyone at all can turn up, sit down and do whatever the hell they wish. Unlike the loftier stage in Trafalgar Square, there's no need to book and you won't get crapped on by pigeons (unless that's part of your act). Emms explains: "Take to the bench and rant for a minute, or an hour: there’s no time limit. And there's always the chance that no-one will use the bench at all."

If the name Stephen Emms is naggingly familiar, chances are you've read his Benchmarks columns in Time Out, in which he investigates the hidden stories behind London's bench dedications. Crumpled up copies of that column will fill the bin next to the bench for participants to read, ignore or throw at one another. Showing a mastery of the press release, Emms leaves us with a highly quotable foretaste: "Whilst the world media spotlight is on the 4th Plinth, our little project is going on simultaneously in Camden Town, a celebration of regular lives and real life. Then again, it may just be a bunch of drunks in a room slugging back beer.”

Tales From A Park Bench runs 3-9 August at 22 Chalk Farm Road. Learn more about the project and its associated events by joining the Facebook group, and follow on Twitter.

Last Updated 24 July 2009