Camden Fringe First Timers: Con Ghiaccio

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Camden Fringe First Timers: Con Ghiaccio

The countdown to the Camden Fringe has begun with 19 days to go. High time to take a closer look at some of the first time fringers about to pop their Camden cherries.

Who are you?

Con Ghiaccio. We are a fresh, highly energetic theatre company moulded from the particular (and incredibly diverse) talents of ten recent Middlesex University graduates. Grimms was our final year production, and we have been lucky enough to have had a tremendous amount of success with it so far (considering we're still finding our feet) and we have every hope that the future will bring us some very exciting things.

What are you doing, when and where?

We will be performing Grimms at the Roundhouse Studio Theatre from 6th - 8th August at 6pm. We have taken the original Brother's Grimm stories - ones full of blood, guts and horror - fiddled about with them and made them more accessible to a modern day audience; whilst still remaining true to both the original morals found within them, and our own unique theatre style.

And why?

I guess there are lots of reasons why we're doing the show. Probably the most important reason is the fact that we love doing it. It's a very physical, funny, warm show and it doesn't pretend to be anything other than that. We love working together and finding new ways of making our audience laugh when on stage. The basis of the show is ultimately play; playing with classic stories that have been told for countless generations, and giving them a fresh and exciting twist using a unique balance of contemporary clowning, physical theatre, mime and storytelling.

...Plus, it's very fun to tit about on stage in silly costumes for an hour trying to make people laugh.

What are your hopes and fears for the Camden Fringe?

Ah well, we just hope that people enjoy it really. We hope that people will come out of it wanting more, and to hear more Grimms stories. We hope that we don't suffer any more wardrobe malfunctions - Janet Jackson has nothing on us. The number of ripped crotches, ripped armpits and ripped dresses the audience has had to face this last year is getting quite silly now. I'm really sorry for the outdated reference there (has anyone had a noteworthy wardrobe malfunction since then? hmm) We hope that Grimms does as well as it can, and we can do the Roundhouse - which has held some unbelievable acts - proud.

What image best sums up Camden for you?

It's got to be the brightly coloured buildings with things jutting out at all angles as you walk from Camden Town station up to the marketplace.

Find out more at and book tickets via the Camden Fringe website. The Camden Fringe kicks off on 3 August.

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