Game On Wimbledon: Ev'rybody Get Drunk

By Lindsey Last edited 107 months ago
Game On Wimbledon: Ev'rybody Get Drunk

wimbledon Wimbledon kicks off today with the spurious addition of a sponsored cheerleading squad, the Cheeries. Not sponsored, as you might assume, by a certain breakfast cereal which would at least resonate with the health and fitness angle of the Championships. No, they're booze fuelled which could make for some interesting moves and hazards by tea time. In fact, we rather hope it does as their 'come on Britain' Cheeries' Dance is by any standards rubbish. Let's hope the kids who have enthusiastically signed up for cheerleading classes as part of Enfield's Summer of Fun don't get put off their pom poms by this truly terrible tie in. Check out our tips for getting tickets to Wimbledon.

Last Updated 22 June 2009


Just as sickly sweet as their wine.