Union Criticises Boris Booze Ban

By BethPH Last edited 117 months ago
Union Criticises Boris Booze Ban

As if going on strike (again) over pay and job security wasn’t enough, the RMT have found something else to complain about.

Is it Susan Boyle not winning Britain’s Got Talent? Is it the prospect of a scorching summer underground? No, it’s the alcohol ban on the underground which has got the union all in a tizz as they describe it as ‘unenforceable’, claiming attempts to enforce a dry tube have led to their staff being abused.

It’s not the first time they’ve criticised the ban either. Bob Crow had some choice words for Boris Johnson last year after thousands partied on the Circle Line to celebrate the end of an era, leading to travel chaos. We can’t help thinking it’s a bit rich for RMT, the arch-overlords of travel chaos, to complain about the reduction in crime and public disorder attributed to the alcohol ban, but there you go.

Maybe the RMT are priming us with the excuse for the next strike?

Last Updated 02 June 2009