Twitition Flashmob Arranged Against Tube Strike

By Hazel Last edited 115 months ago
Twitition Flashmob Arranged Against Tube Strike

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So, there's been a Tube strike. The inconvenience, the hours on (or waiting for) buses, the roads bloated by sudden influxes of cars, indignant Twitter updates by those forced to walk and Tweet at the same time has led some to punch Bob Crow as hard and as often as they can. Others have had a go on a bike, travelled by river or cheerfully walked that 500m they always knew wasn't that difficult to walk but never had to try it until now. Others have decided to show their anger and disgust at the RMT by doing the most useless, fruitless, hapless and gormless piece of 'civil action' ever invented: a 'strike the strikers' flashmob.

Join the 'turning up and being a bit annoying' format of protest via Twitter and get yourself to Oxford Street tube station at some unspecified time tomorrow, Friday 12 June and really show those RMT members just how you feel. So far there are 13 Twititioners, which is not exactly overwhelming but you know, flashmobs can change the world (but for what end depends on which ever mobile phone company is sponsoring). So Bob Crow, watch out: you thought you could disrupt services and inconvenience the whole of London by ordering a strike but you've never felt the full disruptive, misguided, inconvenient power of just over a dozen people deciding to flashmob Oxford Street just when transport returns to normal!

RMT: burrrrrnnnnnnnnn!

Last Updated 11 June 2009