Sorry You Missed The Sixties?

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Sorry You Missed The Sixties?

Street-Carnaby-1x640.jpg You wouldn't normally expect us to recommend you go shopping down one of London's most infamously busy streets at the weekend but Carnaby may well be worth a nip through this Saturday and Sunday. Under the all encompassing umbrella of the Story of London, Carnaby will be celebrating its swinging sixties hey days with a two day sixties shopalong.

Of course, it's a gimmicky lure with plenty of themed instore promotions to get you to part with your hard earneds but we'll be going to check out the "Sorry You Missed The Sixties" exhibition of Philip Townsend's photography. Find hot shots of the usual sexy suspects including Twiggy, the Beatles and some very early Stones, all caught in the lovebubble of fabulous swinging London at Foubert's Place, free, between 11am-7pm.

There'll also be live music all weekend or you can make your own, bawling along round the old Joanna at Carnaby's own Sing London piano.

Image by Natalie Ujuk, from STYLEist on Carnaby Street last year.

Last Updated 04 June 2009