Preview: Bach, Debussy and Darwin, Finally On The Same Bill

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Preview: Bach, Debussy and Darwin, Finally On The Same Bill

Darwin sandwich, anyone?
This coming weekend is a little crowded. The all-consuming monster of the Story of London rumbles on, but we also have to make time for the annual Open Garden Squares festival. While these heavyweights of the London event calendar fight it out, it's easy to miss the smaller, independent happenings. One such gem takes place at LaDanza studio on Holloway Road this Sunday.

The event, which can only be described as 'eclectic', begins at 3.30pm with a harpsichord recital of Bach's Goldberg variations by Dan Tidhar. How do you follow the sublime harmonies of the 18th century master? Obviously, with a reading from the Origin of Species and autobiography of Charles Darwin, courtesy of geneticist Professor Richard Nichols of Queen Mary University of London. An unusual afternoon then concludes with compositions for wind quintet by Debussy, Danzi and Arnold, performed by the Capricorn Quintet.

The 'eclectic Sunday' event was conceived by digital music student Matthias Mauch, who put the program together after a Darwinian epiphany while reading the Origin. "I was thrilled to find that people like me who don't really have a clue about biology can actually understand it," he says. "I decided I wanted more people to share my experience." By layering the great scientist in a musical sandwich, he hopes to draw in a truly mixed audience for an afternoon of genius.

Debussy, Darwin, Bach. Sunday 14 June, 3.30pm, LaDanza Studios, Holloway Road. Tickets £10/£8 in advance, or add £2 on the door.

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