Last FM Laid Low By Heat

Dean Nicholas
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Last FM Laid Low By Heat

Image / Alex.MacDonald
The temperature only hit a semi-sweaty 23 degrees on Sunday, but it proved enough to temporarily down one of London's online success stories., the online music and social media business based in Old Street, was knocked asunder when one of the coolers at a facility on Braham Street that houses their servers failed, which let indoor temperatures spiral up to a stifling 50 degrees, a swelter unbearable for man, beast, or data chip. users were unable to access their accounts nor recommend the latest Lady Gaga choon for several hours, a situation they'll have been unimpressed by since, merely days prior, the company had unwisely bragged about a three-year absence of server downtime. Fortunately, the problem was largely resolved within a few hours.

Last Updated 03 June 2009