Bendy Buses - Demise Deferred

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Bendy Buses - Demise Deferred

Boris Johnson's much-publicised promise to remove bendy buses from the streets of London looks set to be delayed until 2015.

The mayor has always had it in for the 'much-loathed' behemoth of the streets and his Way to Go! Plan included a few condemnatory mentions too. Complaints about the bendy bus centre around the fact that many of London's streets are simply too tiny for it and the lack of conductors and multiple entry points encourage fare-dodging.

Any pedestrian that's had their attempt to use a crossing stymied by a bendy bus jumping a red light, or motorist trapped at a green light by a bendy bus blocking a box junction (curiously, buses appear to be exempt from normal road rules) will be surely looking forward to their removal.

In the meantime, there will be a few less on the streets as the bus companies flog them off to people wanting to get their hands on London icons. We think a phone box might fit in the garden better than a bendy bus and they're a little bit big to be used as decorative water features. What else could you use a defunct bendy for?

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Last Updated 18 June 2009


I personally wouldn't mind if they used the old bendies on route 87... sometimes the buses are too full to get on because the passengers all stand downstairs rather than using the plentiful vacant seats upstairs... Ah well.

The great thing about bendies is that people who use them regularly love them (they are quicker as they spend less time in stops, they have more space for wheelchairs and pushchairs, etc... ), but people who never use them utterly loathe them. Personally I think the solution to bendies blocking pedestrian crossings is not changing the vehicle type but by driving training (far cheaper, too...)


What worries me is the Mayor's inability to promise that the replacement buses will have the same capacity as the ones they're throwing out. Routes like 38 and 73 are nightmarish enough as it is.


Agree with Markle 100%. To all you complainers - try travelling on the bendy bus before you join the sheep. Compare a bendy journey to a double deckers (or the aesthetically beautiful yet practically awful routemaster) and you'll soon change your tune.

There's simply no rational argument for replacing the bendy bus. But since when has London been a rational city?


When they replaced the Routemasters on the 38 and 73 routes, they reduced the number of buses that served them as the bendies have higher capacities. The danger is, as Jonn says, they'll simply replace the buses like for like with models that have a far lower capacity.

That said, the 73 route in particular should never have gone bendy, it winds through some intricate parts of town and I've seen its flagging tail foul up too many box junctions and acute bends.

I'd like to see the bendy kept on the 149, it's ideal for bendy-dom -- a high-capacity route that plys up and down a long, straight road.


TfL did 'consult' on 38s & 507/521s
If any one wants to buy a bendy:{91DA853E-A791-4DB2-8C83-23481E9A699F}&ctgn=CityBusses


TfL did 'consult' on 38s & 507/521s
If any one wants to buy a bendy:{91DA853E-A791-4DB2-8C83-23481E9A699F}&ctgn=CityBusses