Bendy Buses - Demise Deferred

By BethPH Last edited 181 months ago

Last Updated 18 June 2009

Bendy Buses - Demise Deferred

Boris Johnson's much-publicised promise to remove bendy buses from the streets of London looks set to be delayed until 2015.

The mayor has always had it in for the 'much-loathed' behemoth of the streets and his Way to Go! Plan included a few condemnatory mentions too. Complaints about the bendy bus centre around the fact that many of London's streets are simply too tiny for it and the lack of conductors and multiple entry points encourage fare-dodging.

Any pedestrian that's had their attempt to use a crossing stymied by a bendy bus jumping a red light, or motorist trapped at a green light by a bendy bus blocking a box junction (curiously, buses appear to be exempt from normal road rules) will be surely looking forward to their removal.

In the meantime, there will be a few less on the streets as the bus companies flog them off to people wanting to get their hands on London icons. We think a phone box might fit in the garden better than a bendy bus and they're a little bit big to be used as decorative water features. What else could you use a defunct bendy for?

Image by d urbanpaths via the Londonist flickr pool.