Review: Invisible Dot Club, Camden Stables Market

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Review: Invisible Dot Club, Camden Stables Market

Simon Amstell. Blurry and sweaty.

Tucked away above the Cuban Bar in Camden Town's Stables Market lies a small white-washed room that regularly plays host to evenings of joy and laughter: the Invisible Dot Club. On Monday evening, we were among the lucky few to attend a free evening in aid of the incorporation of the company which saw Tim Key, Tom Basden, Tom Adams and Simon Amstell sweatily grace the stage on undoubtedly the hottest day of 2009 so far.

Tim Key led proceedings with his dead-pan poetry - some hilarious, some disturbing (especially one that involved a woman wreaking revenge on her date for yawning by climbing inside his mouth and stabbing his groin with her heel), and some very short "Annie googled herself. Still nothing." Tom Basden and Tom Adams provided musical relief with a series of guitar-led songs and Simon Amstell had us in hysterics with his stories of his pathetic flirting techniques, which mostly involved shouting at the object of his affection until he scared them away.

By the end of the evening it was so hot that all of the performers were drenched in their own sweat (better than someone else's of course) with hairstyles that barely resembled their appearance at the beginning of the show. We then retired to the bar for refreshments and 'Incorporation cake'; however, in the mad scramble for the cake Londonist collided with someone and simultaneously suffered from squashed nose and beer spilled down the back. Although we never got to try the cake we'll definitely be back for seconds of the Invisible Dot club.

(FREEZE! Tim Key and Tom Basden's fortnightly show is on a Monday evening at the Invisible Dot club in Camden on 1st, 15th and 29th June with Doors at 7pm and the Show at 7.30pm, £6/4)

By Zoe Jankel.

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