Ease Yourself Into Bank Holiday Weekend

By Lindsey Last edited 108 months ago
Ease Yourself Into Bank Holiday Weekend

Three day weekends are bloody brilliant and what better way to ease your way into yours than by joining us this evening for the private view of Slow Exposure at Ray's funky Jazz Cafe on the first floor of Foyles, Charing Cross Road. We'll be there from 6pm with the chilled out tunes, faces full of Ray's fab cake, glass in hand, admiring our relaxing winning photographs. There are some (in)formalities to be dealt with around 7.15 so if you want to find out who's won some special prizes, rock up by then. We'll be lingering in Ray's till about 8.30pm when those who wish to can join us at the Royal George pub, just a few doors up, to continue the sociable vibe.

Last Updated 01 May 2009


PS, we'll have Londonist badges for anyone who wants one. If we remember to bring them. We're feeling appropriately slow today.