Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

Photograph of riot police heading to the New School by Amanda Spurlock/Gothamist

  • Gothamist watched as a New School University building was once again occupied by protesters who were soon arrested by police. The cops claimed they didn't use pepper spray but a video suggests otherwise.
  • Phillyist tried to proofread this sign but gave up.

  • Seattlest saw Dan Savage's campaign for mayor take a walk, then savored the first Ken Griffey, Jr., home run of the season.

  • DCist lost their minds over the cuteness of the two-week-old baby clouded leopard cubs born at the National Zoo.

  • Londonist witnessed a city in protest, with Tamil demonstrations closely following the G20 protests' aftermath.

  • Chicagoist was excited to hear that Tracy Morgan's infamous 2007 morning show appearance on a local television station would be used in an upcoming episode of 30 Rock.

  • Shanghaiist cooed over the childhood pictures of kung fu superstar Ziyi Zhang.

  • Bostonist prepared for the city's impending transportation apocalypse with a very special drink.

  • SFist traveled up north this week to bring you news about the criminalization of a disgusting, unspeakable act.

  • Torontoist, newly safe, tried to decipher a confusing but strangely poetic set of signs posted on a home ("You boil shit / I am happy / You carry wok / I am relief").

  • LAist dove into a weekend of bands ranging from emo to grindcore to old-school punk to hip-hop at the raucous Bamboozle Left festival.

  • Last Updated 12 April 2009