Tamil Demonstration Day Three

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Tamil Demonstration Day Three

By Simon-K

Tamil protesters remain in Parliament Square this morning, calling for the UK government to act to end the war in Sri Lanka.

The demonstration caused chaos on Westminster Bridge yesterday as protestors sat down en masse, forcing police to close the bridge to traffic. Fresh from questions about tactics at G20 protests the police were obviously in quandary - the protest was officially unlawful and spontaneous as no notice had been given yet the passionate, noisy but peaceful protest was not about to pack up and go home. There were scuffles and several arrests as police tried to contain the protest.

Tamilnet and this audio clip from the Guardian give some insight into the passionate concern protesters have for the plight of civilians trapped in the Sri Lankan warzone.

Organised by Tamil students, a hardcore enter day 3, restricted to Parliament Square, insisting they will remain until a ceasefire is called. Brian Haw better put the kettle on.

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Fundamental Right to Live in Eelam Denied; Tamils Protest in London Again.
In 1799 June, Sir Hugh Cleghorn, the first British Colonial Secretary wrote to the British Government…
Two different nations from a very ancient period have divided between them the possession of the Island. First the Sinhalese, inhabiting the interior of the country in its Southern and Western parts, and secondly the Malabars (Tamils) who possess the Northern and Eastern Districts. These two nations differ entirely in their religion, language and manners
A Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom, Dr. Rachel Joyce, apologised for the error of Colonial Britain in making a unitary Ceylon out of two nations, the Tamils and the Sinhalese, now resulted in blood bath in the eastern Srilanka. Over 75,000 Tamils died in the past 61 years as a result of ill fated constitution and democratisation since independence in 1948. Can you blame the Tamils for this great injustice and the blunder resulted with the whole Tamil population displaced as refugees and killed in Srilanka. Military solution resulting in mass killing of Tamils in the north east of Srilanka. Only solution is to go back to the basic and recognize Tamils right to live in their own country as Tamils. Fundamental right to live in their historic homeland Eelam is denied today by the majority Sinhalese under a smoke screen of “democracy” conveniently targeted the whole Tamil population as