The Brothers of Enfield

By SallyB2 Last edited 118 months ago
The Brothers of Enfield High jinx at Ponders End. No, it's not the title of a missing Famous Five episode, but something far more conducive to nostalgia. A brotherly uprising. Sacked workers at the Enfield plant of Ford Visteon have occupied their former place of work, demanding that their rights be respected and accusing the company of trying to bury the announcement amid the G20 protests. The move has won huge support from, well, brothers around the country. And fellow Ford workers. Does this mark a return to good-old-bad-old-fashioned pre-Maggie union activity? Shouldn't think so for a moment to be honest, but we admire their chutzpah, and it might make a fun Sunday outing if you want to go wave a flag at them. (Image/Doilum)

Last Updated 04 April 2009