Red Dwarf Cast To Appear In Berkeley Square Wednesday

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Red Dwarf Cast To Appear In Berkeley Square Wednesday


Fans of the returning space comedy might like to meet their heroes in the flesh (and, in Kryten's case, aluminium) tomorrow night. The cast of Red Dwarf will make an appearance in costume in Berkeley Square from 5pm tomorrow. No Craig Charles, though. The first 500 people will get special goodies, including a 5 minute trailer for the new series on USB stick. Sounds a little naff, but the show clearly has plenty of fans who'll lap this up. Read all about the new episodes, which screen on Dave over the Easter weekend, here. Thanks to Mayfair Blog for the tip-off.

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If you're going to slag something off at least have the decency to get the spelling correct.



"Slag something off"???

Are we reading the same thing here? I can perceive no slaggage whatsoever!


Good spot. Would you believe that my spellchecker changed that? Not sure what it thinks a Kryton is?


Spell checkers are wonderful things.

They have 'changed' many a document and email for me, all on their little own.

Seems some of the words it thinks are for changing would be most apt on Red Dwarf.

Anyone remember the episide where every one spoke backwards?

A friend and I got the tape/DVD of this and reversed it on the editing suite, not something for the faint hearted !!


"Anyone remember the episide where every one spoke backwards?"

Yes. It was called 'Backwards'. Imaginative, no?

I am a massive Red Dwarf fan and I can't tell you how excited I am about the new episodes. Sadly I won't be able to watch them as I only have terrestrial. *sob*